Children’s Farm

An aristocratic school in nature

The picturesque group of log houses was built after 1860 as a place where the princely children could play and be educated at the same time. There is a main residential building, two sheds for animals, one with dovecots and the other with a hayloft, a small barn, a muckheap and a fountain. The skittles lane has not been preserved.

Under the supervision of their tutors, children grew vegetables and learned the basics of tending to small livestock. The harvested vegetables were bought by the children’s parents for the chateau kitchen. The goal of this elaborated and educational activity was to teach children the value of money as well as the value of human work behind the production of food which was used in meals served on the family’s dining table. Moreover, children learned to cook and write letters in the main building. In their free time, they could camp out here, ride their bicycles or play Native American warriors.

The farm served its original purpose for three generations of the Auersperg and Trauttmansdorff children. After the Second World War, the buildings were used for leisure activities, for example as a clubhouse of the local Scout Movement.